The Cover Art Of Blue Note Records The Collection -

the cover art of blue note records the collection - with over 400 of the best covers in the record label s history the cover art of blue note records is an essential collection for every jazz fan this new edition gathers the entirety of the two original volumes published nearly two decades ago every cover essay and photo is included, blue note album cover art paperback amazon com - smaller in trim size greatly expanded in content this compendium of chronicle s classic blue note books 50 000 copies sold is now an appealingly chunky paperback blue note remains one of the most influential jazz labels of all time and its cover art is a virtual time capsule of cool, the art of legendary jazz label blue note records udiscover - the artwork of the legendary blue note jazz record label has come to represent everything that is brilliant and innovative in album cover design, blue note 1500 series jazz album covers - blue note 1500 series defining the hard bop style of new york blue note started the 12 lp era in mid 1950s with some trad jazz albums but then launched the legendary 1500 modern jazz series red miles took over as the label s art director and he defined a style that came to be assocoiated with new york hard bop the first gem in the 1500 series is miles davis 1501 and the last is bennie, blue note 4000 series jazz album covers - album cover design and jazz photography on the blue note records notes and pictures from the birka jazz archive, lpcover lover the world s greatest lp album covers 45 s too - more trumpet treasures hymie baleson gallotone records south africa there s a lot going on here looking for a caption please winner gets any record currently listed by lpcoverlover on ebay, lineup blue note at sea the hippest coolest jazz - hailing from houston texas robert glasper is a jazz pianist with a knack for mellow harmonically complex compositions that also reveal a subtle hip hop influence the pianist released his debut album mood on fresh sound new talent in 2004 canvas and in my element followed in 2005 and 2007 respectively on blue note records, kind of blue wikipedia - kind of blue is a studio album by american jazz trumpeter miles davis it was recorded on march 2 and april 22 1959 at columbia s 30th street studio in new york city and released on august 17 of that year by columbia records the album features davis ensemble sextet consisting of saxophonists john coltrane and julian cannonball adderley pianist wynton kelly bassist paul chambers and, vintage children s records tv show and movie soundtracks - tamco 1970 vw volkswagen bus soundwagen vinyl killer record player works yellow and cream hard plastic operates on 9v battery place it on a 33rpm record and it drives around the grooves playing the music speaker in roof does not appear to have been used owned by a collector of vw memorabilia and toys, sell audiophile records cds mosaic records mfsl - sell audiophile records cds mosaic records mfsl records rca living stereo we have been buying audiophile recordings and selling audiophile recordings for over twenty years as well as more cds dvds and lps of genres of music and movies, lpcover lover restoration tips - method place the lp on a sheet of glassplace the other sheet of glass on top of the lpstand the lot in the sun for a bitas the sun softens the lp the weight of the glass will gently flatten out the record again and won t damage the grooves, misfits com the official misfits site - the original misfits record breaking reunion show for 12 30 sold out the forum in under a minute due to unprecedented demand new show added in las vegas